Compassion and Teaching

Posted on May 29, 2010 at 12:08 PM

Dear Ones:

Due to technical difficulties, I was only able to hear the last half of  a teaching given by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa yesterday. This was broadcast from The Gyuto Monastery in Dharmsala, India. It is the latest in a handful of teachings I have heard either live or online.

It was beautiful. I learn so much from the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. I don't know much about the Tibetan language - but this is one of what have been called Energy Languages and one gains as much benefit from the sound energy. One need not know the language to feel the energy.

His Holiness had translators so the message could be broadcast in many languages. I have no idea how many people were online. My underestimate is thousands. Thousands.

The message was based on Compassion, Interconnectedness. His Holiness also provided the English words to the translator to be sure he was using the intended sound energy. He conveyed a sense of kindness, of preciseness, of clarity. There was something in his eyes that showed a purposefulness in this teaching.

This monk, this wise young man - is what I call a unifier. He transcends differences of culture, of religion, of things that maintain the illusion of separation. One need not necessarily follow Buddhism to recognize the principles that he teaches.

The Dalai Lama is one whose teachings I have been able to hear online. He calls himself a simple monk, but he is one of the most unifying teachers alive today. I love the simplicity, the logic. There is wisdom in his smiling eyes.

The Tibetans have lost their homeland. Many innocents have been killed, imprisoned or tortured. And yet, those monks and nuns who have survived their torture - have forgiven their captors. Some years ago, there was a beautiful photograph of Ribur Rinpoche on the cover of Mandala Magazine. He was one of the lamas who was imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese. Yet, his eyes showed the clarity of mind, openness of heart, and the power of forgiveness, of compassion. Even with their homeland being overrun by the Chinese, even with their culture being slowly chipped away, forgiveness is shown.

There is a new flower essence that is working its way to me. It will be birthed virtually - probably very shortly. It will embody the Awakening Into Unity - the overcoming of any and all barriers, any and all fears that keep us separate. As soon as its birthed, I will put it on the website. This is one of the highest vibrational Essences I have ever come across. I pray I am worthy enough to birth it and steward it the way it deserves to be birthed and cared for. It will be in honor of these two men I write about today and all the teachers and wisepeople who have shown us the path we can walk - where all are honored, where all can live in peace.

And that such a beautiful gift.

Back to the quietness, back to the bliss, back to the peace.

All Love
Padme A'Tea

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