Its the Weekend

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Dear Ones:

I'll be going to an early movie today (Robin Hood - want to see how the story is re-told) and then working on the e-books. One of the books will be the Simple Healer blog that was shut off at the end of 2009. The other e-book is the first installment of my journey with the horses.

Tomorrow is another work day on the e-books. Getting more familiar with the software.

Sunday is Fair Hill. Dear friend has a birthday coming up and she wanted to celebrate it there. Works for me. By then Nicanor will have run the Dixie Stakes. Prayers for all the horses, jockeys, connections that everybody is safe and all the horses are safely resting in their stalls once the racing is over.

After a short hiatus, am continuing the detox. Am seeing some resistance - even from friends. Believe me, I'm not deprived of food. I'm not starving. i'm eating less and I feel so much better.

I'm waking up. I'm giving my body every chance to go to a vibrant state. I want to be 95 and taking walking vacations and explore. I'm not going to shut down. I refuse to shut down.

Anyway, life is good. Very good.

I'm sorry this entry is so short. I had another entry ready to go and it disappeared. Drat. But that's OK. Then I wasn't meant to publish it.

There is poetry that is coming out of last weekend's workshop/kirtan in Montague. Much of it is coming from the Berkshires. It is the joy of homecoming. The sweetness of chanting and the peace of the heart. It is the joy of unexpected gifts bestowed on a soul sojourning this Earth.

It is Gratitude.

It is Grace.

It is Love.

All Love
Padme A'Tea

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