The Day of The Heart

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Dear Hearts:

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! This is a day to celebrate Love in all its forms. Many take this as a day of romance. I want to take it a step further because Love is such a strong energy and it is everywhere.

Let me count the ways...

The love of a man and a woman (or a man for a man, woman for a woman) and how they use this Love to Create a beautiful relationship, a beautiful family, a beautiful community.

The love of a parent for their child. The love of an animal parent for their child(ren). The love of trees and rocks for their children.

The love of a dolphin who rescues a human and bonds with them.

The love of one who rescues an animal and gives it a new life surrounded by love.

The love of a human who helps Mother Earth.

The love of trees for Mother Earth and the animals who live in them.

The love of the Oceanic Realms who guard and steward Knowledge so ancient it makes me weep.

The love of the Sun who shines on this Earth.

The love of the plants, the herbs, the fruits and vegetables that feed us.

The love of a devotee for their guru/spiritual teacher.

The unconditional love of a guru/spiritual teacher who wants us to know our true nature and open our hearts.

The love of Animals who communicate and bond with us (and vice versa...).

The love of a human who watches the night sky and is awed by how vast it is....and by how small we are - and yet knows that we are part of that vastness.

The love of Spirit for All Life.

Happy Valentine's Day (in loving memory of Anna Quackenbush who shed her body 2/14/1964. Love you, Gram, miss you to this day.).

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

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