Gentleness - Well-come 2013

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Dear Hearts:

Happy New Year!!!! May 2013 bring everybody peace, abundance and joy.

So far, it has done just that for me - in ways that I didn't even imagine would happen.

On the 31st, worked my final day for Microsoft. It was quiet so it was an easy day. Then later in the evening, went to the yoga studio where my teacher had her first New Year's Eve class. Along with a wonderful asana practice, there was a guest life coach who gave us 2 sets of questions - the first set had to do with what we learned/experienced in 2012. The second set dealt with what we desire to manifest in 2013 (the last thing I wrote was...Harmonium Lessons...go figure). We were there until well after midnight. I went home and got a little bit of sleep before setting out for New York City for the annual chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas. I've been chanting on New Year's Day since 2009 and I see no reason to stop now.

Traffic was non-existent going into the city. This time - unlike the last 2 times I was driving in- I did not feel the intense energies that gave me splitting headaches before. The last two times were before Hurricane Sandy battered the area. I have my own theories as to what I was feeling and if anybody would like to know my mindset, please contact me and I will be happy to share what I was perceiving. All I will say in this forum is that I have never felt such fear coming from the city before.

I was able to park a block away from the temple and the outside is painted a gorgeous blue. The first person I saw is a soul who all-ways brings joy to my heart - Adriennel. She truly is someone who is beautiful inside and out and will bring a smile to my face every time I see her. And for the second consecutive year, the person leading the chants as I walked in is a soul who has such depth of feeling and devotion and whose voice never fails to bring me to tears - was Shyama. She was in such a beautiful place yesterday and I saw it in her eyes.

I took 2 dozen White Roses yesterday. Did not do a Journey but the Roses were infused with all of the flower essences and they filled the car with such a beautiful fragrance. It was heavenly cruising Route 78 smelling the roses and being so grateful for their gifts of beauty and fragrance. Ambika did me the honor of placing them near the altar.

Chanting on New Years Day all-ways brings about a deep cleansing for me. Sometime there are tears, more often is a feeling of joy. Yesterday was no exception. It was my first time to this particular temple and its energy is - for me - very peace-full. I felt a sense of homecoming after months of much inner turmoil. Adrienne and I danced during one of the Chalisas and I felt like a child again - so open and full of joy.

I liked it. REALLY liked it.

But out of that child-like joy came a deep sense of devotion to Spirit and all the creations that are here now....a great-full-ness for all that I and others have been through.

And there were many young children there - one of whom captured my heart. She's almost 2 years old and her parents kept a watchful eye on her.  There was something in her eyes - that sense of an old soul who has come into a young body - but this child is very comfortable in her skin. She also kept going into the small shrine dedicated to Durga - the source of the Divine Feminine in the Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). There were two small lights burning there and she went in there one time and I didn't see her mother nearby so I went in and just stayed with her and had my arm behind her to protect her in case she stumbled. Her mother ( a very sweet soul) came in not even a minute later but I was honored to have been able to offer protection to this little one. I felt like a vow had been kept...

Many friends were there - some are in the Kosmic Kirtan Posse (and you know who you are) and they have become so precious to precious. It was very healing to me to be able to come to chant and be able to give and receive such joy, such homecoming.

A burden has been lifted from me - one that I knew I was carrying and honestly didn't know how to unburden myself. The inner turmoil I was experiencing was causing me to become paralyzed in many aspects of my life. But that burden has been healed and for that healing, I am so great-full to Spirit for all that I have been through, all that I have learned, and all that has been left behind.

One of my friends was in tears before she left. She was apologizing to me for something she perceived that happened a year ago - but in my mind, I understood why things happened as they did. She carried a burden of pain ever since and it was a lesson for took courage for her to admit what she felt she had done, but even more important was the release that was effected so she could focus on other things. She has one less thing to deal with and for that easing of her burden, I am so happy for her.

The chanting was sublime. Nina, Shyama, Keshav, Jerry (first time I heard your singing voice and its beautiful...), Jeremy, Lily and Ambika (who, when she leads the chanting I keep seeing images of the ocean - gorgeous) all of you were and are beautiful. The words "thank you" don't even begin to express the gratitude I send to Spirit for your presences here. Thank you for your devotion, your gifts. Those gifts help so many people.

I left early - the lack of sleep for the last 3 weeks caught up to me as I relaxed and released....but as I was leaving, a gentle man wearing a beautiful hat came into the room and took his place before the altar and was accompanied by harmonium as he chanted the Chalisa.

For those who are devotees of Maharaj-ji and who chant with KD, the name KK Sah will have meaning; He is one of Maharaj-ji's long-term devotees. I have never met him, but to hear him chant, to feel his devotion....well this was the proverbial icing on the cake. I left there (regretfully) feeling so uplifted, even the traffic at the Holland Tunnel didn't bother me. The trip back was uneventful even if traffic was more dense than I had known in the past. But when I got home, my body totally gave out. Had I stayed for the full chant time, I don't know if I could have stayed awake enough to drive.

But all day yesterday and today, one word stands word repeats in my heart and mind and I pass it along to you as a prayer for what 2013 will bring to us...


The gentleness of joy when a friend sees you and LOVES seeing you there....the gentleness of a hug from a beloved soul....the gentleness in the eyes of a sweet child whose energy is so pure, so sweet, so loving....and the gentleness of the sound energy of chanting as the mantras heal one's heart and chattering mind....

And the gentleness of Joy knowing that you are home with your soul family.

May we all awaken to the global Soul Family and instill within ourselves and each other...


All Love,

Padme A'Tea

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