Hi, Dad...Its been 5 years

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Hi, Dad! 

Five Years ago today you joined Mom in hevvin...and I know the two of you are so happy and that you and Ralph are continuing to play practical jokes on God/Goddess/Spirit. That gives me comfort.

Dad, its a strange time here on Earth. We seem to be at a crossroads now - and have been for a while. I look around me and see both the horrible nightmares of greed, corruption and destruction as well as the visions of compassion, love, nurturing, re-building.

It the latter I embrace but we have to collectively learn from the former - so that those horrors can be finally and eternally laid to rest.

Am I OK? I really don't know. Yes, I have my health and my inner peace sustains me as we navigate thru this crossroads. I also feel as if  my time here is coming to an end. Yes, I know we all will shed our bodies at some point - but there are places I desire to see before that happens - and I feel as if time is speeding up. When I look back on my life, I feel as if I didn't accomplish  much in the material way - but in the spiritual way, I have changed and for the better. There are people and animals who I have been able to work with who have enriched my life, opened my heart. There have been so many blessings and maybe that is why I chose to live this life - to overcome anger, bitterness, rage - and see the blessings that sustain not only in giving them...but receiving them.

I long to get back to a simpler life. Now that I retrieved my "possessions" out of storage, it felt like the weight of old pain came back. After the Vision Quest, it was difficult to come back to the mainstream world. The desire to go back to simplicity is strong - and there is much synchronicity happening to support that desire. I need the time both in solitude and in the world - and if I am to be with a partner at some point, he will understand the importance to me not only of the time for solitude but the importance of the connection with Animals and Nature.

Dad, the connection to the Animals and Nature Energies is strengthening - it has been for nearly 10 months now and shows no sign of letting up. I rejoice in it because I feel I am "home" when I connect with these energies.

Dad, there is a beautifuly ladyhorse who arrived in hevvin 8 days ago. She's a very special soul and although my heart grieves that she is no longer on Earth, I rejoice that she is pain-free and running with the wind. Her spirit came during Vision Quest and she was pouring out the love and it had me in tears as soon as I realized she was here. Dad, her human steward grieves deeply....can you ask God to send her a sign or some ease of heart? This human was and is devoted to her and is a very special person.

Dad, I know Nomi is with you as well. I miss her and Tara and all the cats I've known. But I now steward 2 wonderful cats who are such loving companions....and they each nurture a facet of  me. They bring joy to all who come here to meet them now. You can come visit them whenever you want...

Dad, I want to travel - there are many people who I want to see, many animals in need of healing work and many sacred sites that nurture visitors with their beauty and sanctity. We have so many blessed teachers, so many hidden yogis and yoginis who hold the light and keep the sacredness alive, and those everyday people who work to help others - more blessings.

But for now, I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you and Mom. I'm going to work on re-connecting with the Earth/Nature/Animal Energies that appeared during Vision Quest. I know the veil between where you are and where I am gets thinner by the day - and there will come the time when I'll see you again. Give Mom my love, give Nomi and Tara a hug from me and help God keep an eye on this world.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

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