Vision Quest - August 2012

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Dear Hearts:

Its Labor Day and very rainy outside. Perfect for continuing to absorb the Vision Quest taken 3 days ago. I'm still very tired but filled with awe at what came through (stunned is probably a better adjective).

Friday was a very hot day here in Chester County....but thankfully, not horribly humid. I reserved the spot very early in the morning - it helps to have a dear friend who is a park ranger. She showed me the spot earlier last week and I fell in love with it. As soon as I reserved it, I blessed and greeted the trees - there were two concentric tree circles with INCREDIBLE energy.

Bodhi and Stella wanted to be with me but this time, I couldn't bring them. As it turned out, it was a wise decision. When I left I promised them I would be home as soon as the gates opened and be with them. I arrived at the site and spread out a beautiful blanket usually reserved for yoga. I took out all the crystals (except for not finding the two crystal skulls I have, all the crystals in my collection came with me).. They've been in storage for nearly 3 years and they needed the clear outdoor air and moonlight for purification.). I placed a picture of Buttercup on the altar and surrounded it with what I had inorder to do ceremony and ritual. I have not done ceremony for a long time and it felt wonderful to return.

The tent setup was so darn easy (haven't been camping in a LONG time, either) and it felt good - even with the adjacent sites occupied - to be in the woods. The trees traveled straight to the stars and covered us with their canopy of intertwining and lacy branches and limbs.

And it was quiet. Even the rare plane that was landing at a nearby airport didn't break the silence too badly.

As I went into the first ceremony, I heard Screech Owl - first in the distance and then, getting closer. I welcomed it and then went to get some sleep.

Screech Owl woke me with its second call and this time, I walked to a nearby field where I could see moonlight illuminating the ground and the trees. It was beautiful.

And then I looked up.

There was a moondog around the moon (just as a rainbow around the sun is a sundog, the moondog is the lunar equivalent.) and the phrase "moondog"kept repeating until I realized whose spirits were there.

Buttercup was one. I was reduced to tears of joy that I would be able to pass this along to Amanda.

But it was who was with her that had me lying on the ground, looking at the moon and stars, and be close to weeping.

Three years ago, I "met" a healer, Reiki Master/Healer, Shaman, Crystal Skull carver and caretaker online. We were part of a healing group using crystalline energies, nature and animal energies for very intense healing work. His name was Gary and that is all I will reveal as far as his identity.  He was gentle, wise, kind. We would each set up our individual altars and he had video meditations that would take us very deep and we would connect at levels that opened our hearts and brought us joy. His teachings were of traditions that are old by our earthly counting....but eternal in the wisdom, strength, love and compassion.

Gary shed his body over 2 years ago. For weeks I'd felt as if something was not right with him and I awaited to hear from our mutual friend whether she had heard from him. She had not.

We were all bereft when we heard of his passing....and it was afterward that the homeless times began for me and other members also faced challenges.

But I felt him on the overnight looking at the moon. He and Butter  found each other and they both are so happy.

I am being gifted with a healing tool. That is all I can say for now - if or when I get permission to discuss it, I will. I was not able to purchase it from Gary but it will be on the way to me shortly. What I will say is that there are many of these distributed to healers around the planet and their healing work is profound. I'm honored to be joining this group of healers and pray to use it for the highest good...

There is more wisdom that is going to come from that place, from those souls. I've spent the rest of the weekend just letting myself re-adjust to letting this part of my life back into my heart.

There is one more thing to put out to those reading this...I keep receiving insight that there is an Elder - I don't know what tradition this Elder follows - that needs or will need Healing and that I will be helping him/her. If anybody knows who this refers to, please let me know so I can begin to do what I have to do. Am sending the Intention to the Universe to bring me where I need to be.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

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