AT the Mazar: Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbird

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Dear Hearts: have been back from the Mazar (shrine) of Shaikh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen that is located very close by. It was only my second time there but I felt I had to go to a place of quiet, of reflection, of beauty, of peace and silence. I took my voice recorder, pen and paper and its a good thing I did.

I took off shoes, sat at one of the entrances to the meditation garden. The sun was high and hot - but oddly enough, the heat didn't bother me. The heat of the sun felt wonderful and as soon as I sat down, butterfies were everywhere. They fluttered with beauty and with their purpose and would come by me. They are companion souls to me and I always welcome them with joy in my heart. Just watching them go from flower to flower fills my heart with such joy at how they totally surrender to their purpose.

I recorded a few minutes on the tape recorder and got the surprise of my life when I played back the tape. On this tape were my word diaries from Spring 2010 when Gina took me in. These entries cover from late February through the early summer and on these entries are the accounts of Jaguar's previous appearance - so my timeline was wrong - it was 30 months ago when Jaguar Energy was with me, not 2 years ago. But on the tape is the verification of Jaguar leading my spirit to the temples at Tikal.

What else comes up on this tape are the projects I wanted to create.

And now I can.

And the Flower Essences are discussed at length on the tape - at least those in the White Rose Collection. I feel these are the ones that need to be resurrected ASAP. That's not according to the timeline I gave to the Holistic Business Coach....but these four Essences are the core of all the collections and so I will put the Intention out to bring them here.

As I listened to the tape in its entirety, another blessed surprise came....

in the form of Hummingbird.

I rarely see them so when I do, it is a treat and a deep message for me...and a joyous one at that.

I took my time walking toward the Mazar - there was no hurry and the hot summer air was redolent with the most beautiful flowery aromas that  just filled my heart. It was peace-full for me - no noise, no energies trying to crowd me and muddle my thinking. Being away from the noise of the outer world was therapy for me.

I am not familiar with many Islamic rituals but there is a peace at the shrine. I hope I approach it with reverence and do not cause any insult in my ignorance....I did bring Essences and was offering them during my time there. I hope that was enough.

There were two men inside the shrine talking quietly - but they left as soon as I walked in. It was quiet, cool, very beautiful. I began to circumnambulate clockwise (which is the direction I'm used to...however reading on Google, pilgrims go counter-clockwise at the Hajj. But I am not Islamic - and no insult was intended. It was simply what I was to do.) I quietly recorded and will play back the tape later. I stayed for a short time but did not want to take up too much time.

The other wonderful surprise came as I was driving to the Mazar.

The horses - the four at the nearby farm - were by the shady tree across from the Methodist Church.

So, of course, I had to stop and say hello. They are - or at least seem to be - getting accustomed to my presence. I know I can't feed them, but they are letting me rub noses, foreheads and necks. This is such a gift, such a blessing.

And now to do some more reading and listening to the tape. There are e-book concepts on that tape that I had totally forgotten about.

Life is so darn good.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

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