Sunday Yoga in the Park/4 Horses Near Home

Posted on August 19, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Dearest Hearts:  Its been over 2 months since I blogged and have been choice. From leaving Corinne's to my short time at human massage school to the quiet time, much energy has been and is changing.

Today, however, was an awesome day at the park. I drive to a nearby park to practice Yoga outdoors. There is one area with concentric tree circles - very powerful areas - at least for me. Last Sunday and today, the energy of the practice was very grounding, very peace-full, very beautiful. Weather is a bit cooler today with many clouds in the sky...but the energy is one of more peace than I've felt in quite a while.  I'd hurt  my left foot last week and wanted to see if the foot could work with the poses - the healing is proceeding very nicely but am being care-full for the time being until the healing is complete.

Before setting up the mat, I had met a woman walking her 2 dogs - Benji and Pepsi. The woman is also named Lynn (for those who know me as Padme, my earthly name - and the one that the Post Office and bank use - is Lyn Gilbert. I prefer Tashi or Padme, personally...) and we had a wonderful conversation. She is involved in a county-wide network of animal rescue/welfare. Meeting on Sundays may become a regular occurance which is wonderful. As soon as I saw the dogs, I immediately sat down with eyes averted....and it paid off. Toward the end of the first conversation, Benji actually gave me a kiss on the nose and Lynn's jaw dropped...

During the first conversation, I got a HUGE surprise. I don't know if you remembered an earlier blog post about meeting a horse named Max at the park on a Sunday about a year ago. Well....Max, the adult human steward, a second horse and the woman's daugher Caitlynn (am not sure about the spelling, I apologize if I'm spelling it incorrectly) came toward us and we reconnected. Max was much friendlier this time and it was clear he adores Caitlynn. Caitlynn - all she did was beam for joy when I commented that she was riding her best friend. She glowed with the love she has for Max and Max was stock still even with the dogs nearby.

It was heaven to be around horses even for a short time.

As I was taking a break from the yoga practice, Lynn walked by and we chatted again. By this time the tree circles were working their magic on me and I was feeling so peace-full, centered, relaxed. This time, Pepsi gave me the kiss on the nose and again, Lynn's jaw dropped. This is the joy of the animal energy healing and I am honored that both dogs felt safe with me.

As I drove home, there was one more gift to be bestowed....and I'm loving this one. In the pasture across from a nearby Methodist Church, there were four horses. I had Introduced myself to two of them a few days ago, today there were four!!!!! I parked the car in the church lot and walked over to them.  Again I only wanted to intdrouce myself and not asking anything of them - just to say hello and to tell them how gorgeous they are and that I treasure the time with them. Three of them were curious, the fourth was grazing, thank you very much (and food trumps my presence any I was there for a few minutes, but that was such a blessing. Such a blessing.

Earlier last week while on Facebook, I connected with an author I'd known of for years,had read some of her books - but at the time I felt I wasn't absorbing the wisdom she wrote about. Now I am. Her name is Lynn V. Andrews and she has been with indigenous healers - most, if not all of them, women. The knowledge that is shared (at least what she is free to share - there are some things that are not to be revealed at this time) is what I had prayed to receive - to strengthen the Divine Feminine within me. I know I have many holes in my personal energy fields and that has deeply affected the events of the last few years. I'm already feeling stronger, more grounded, but I have a lot of work to do. I purchased 9 of her books today (thank heavens for the used books on Amazon/Barnes&Noble) and had checked out whatever was in the local library. "Shakkai" is resonating with me and that is the basis for the next phase of my path. This is also part and parce of the website revamping....I have a huge dream and am going forward with it just to see where it takes me with the Animal Healing...

But all in all, its been a lovely day.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

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