The Blessings of a Sufi Saint

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Dear Ones:  Nine days ago, I was gifted with the opportunity to visit a Sufi shrine. Its not even 15 miles away, nestled quietly within the verdant land in this part of PA. Another healer took my neighbor and me there to explore the energies of the Meditation Garden that resides to the side of the shrine.

It is called The Mazar of Shaikh Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

In its simplicity of structure, the Mazar is beautiful. Simply beautiful. The energy of the Shaikh emanates outward in a flow of peace, of love, of healing. The woman who designed the Meditation Garden is named Sally and I had the blessing of meeting her there. Sally's eyes are peace-full, loving, very open and giving. Much like Sharon Salzberg's eyes. There is that calm abiding, that inner peace that is strong in the gentleness.

The garden is beautiful, fragrant, calming and very healing. The four of us began to explore the energy lines. We could see some of them, feel others that were there. They were not in a logical grid-like pattern. There were differing flows, different paths the lines took. The woman who took us there was taking notes as we explored....and we were in sync for most of the exploration.

We all experienced a healing on all levels. All levels - even down to the subatomic level. We all buzzed, we flowed, we let the energy go where it needed to go. It was a complete surrender to the energies and emanations both from the garden and the Shrine.

I confess to not having studied Islam. Part of me viewed it as a harsh religion but the Sufis have a grasp of the mystical that tells me I may have been too hasty in that judgement. Again, I am seeking common principles, common ground, common concepts that so many spiritual expressions share - Universal Love, Compassion, Service to Others, embracing and celebrating all faiths....that is what I seek.

As we walked the garden and continued to explore the healing energies, I found we had visitors from the Insect Kindred.

Bees. Many of them, Simply pollinating. Simply doing what they are here to do - to continue to pollinate and continue the growth cycles and help the plant life survive. They were simply beautiful to watch, to observe and to perceive their wisdom.

Inside the shrine was a peace and beauty that I have only encountered one other place (for now).

Yogaville. In Swami's Shrine.

That same force of Love, of Wisdom, of Peace that we all seek...those emanations that flow outward with all the Love in the Universe. I fought tears at Yogaville (failed miserably) in 2007, was able to be composed at the Mazar. Looking upward at the inner dome with the gentle green and pink reminded me of the lotus flower serenely floating in a pond following the sun. All we could do is whisper - if even that. It was more a time of quietness - absolute quietness and respect for the devotion and the joy of the energies permeating even the air that is inhaled.

Even today - nine days later - that peace and serenity are with me.

And I desire to go back and not only be healed but to offer respect and gratitude for the life and teachings of this Sufi Saint.

I would like to thank Michelle, Deb and Sally for that day. It is etched upon my heart and soul as a gift to be treasured.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

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