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The Day of The Heart

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Dear Hearts:

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! This is a day to celebrate Love in all its forms. Many take this as a day of romance. I want to take it a step further because Love is such a strong energy and it is everywhere.

Let me count the ways...

The love of a man and a woman (or a man for a man, woman for a woman) and how they use this Love to Create a beautiful relationship, a beautiful family, a beautiful community.

The love of a parent for their child. The love of an animal parent for their child(ren). The love of trees and rocks for their children.

The love of a dolphin who rescues a human and bonds with them.

The love of one who rescues an animal and gives it a new life surrounded by love.

The love of a human who helps Mother Earth.

The love of trees for Mother Earth and the animals who live in them.

The love of the Oceanic Realms who guard and steward Knowledge so ancient it makes me weep.

The love of the Sun who shines on this Earth.

The love of the plants, the herbs, the fruits and vegetables that feed us.

The love of a devotee for their guru/spiritual teacher.

The unconditional love of a guru/spiritual teacher who wants us to know our true nature and open our hearts.

The love of Animals who communicate and bond with us (and vice versa...).

The love of a human who watches the night sky and is awed by how vast it is....and by how small we are - and yet knows that we are part of that vastness.

The love of Spirit for All Life.

Happy Valentine's Day (in loving memory of Anna Quackenbush who shed her body 2/14/1964. Love you, Gram, miss you to this day.).

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Gentleness - Well-come 2013

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Dear Hearts:

Happy New Year!!!! May 2013 bring everybody peace, abundance and joy.

So far, it has done just that for me - in ways that I didn't even imagine would happen.

On the 31st, worked my final day for Microsoft. It was quiet so it was an easy day. Then later in the evening, went to the yoga studio where my teacher had her first New Year's Eve class. Along with a wonderful asana practice, there was a guest life coach who gave us 2 sets of questions - the first set had to do with what we learned/experienced in 2012. The second set dealt with what we desire to manifest in 2013 (the last thing I wrote was...Harmonium Lessons...go figure). We were there until well after midnight. I went home and got a little bit of sleep before setting out for New York City for the annual chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas. I've been chanting on New Year's Day since 2009 and I see no reason to stop now.

Traffic was non-existent going into the city. This time - unlike the last 2 times I was driving in- I did not feel the intense energies that gave me splitting headaches before. The last two times were before Hurricane Sandy battered the area. I have my own theories as to what I was feeling and if anybody would like to know my mindset, please contact me and I will be happy to share what I was perceiving. All I will say in this forum is that I have never felt such fear coming from the city before.

I was able to park a block away from the temple and the outside is painted a gorgeous blue. The first person I saw is a soul who all-ways brings joy to my heart - Adriennel. She truly is someone who is beautiful inside and out and will bring a smile to my face every time I see her. And for the second consecutive year, the person leading the chants as I walked in is a soul who has such depth of feeling and devotion and whose voice never fails to bring me to tears - was Shyama. She was in such a beautiful place yesterday and I saw it in her eyes.

I took 2 dozen White Roses yesterday. Did not do a Journey but the Roses were infused with all of the flower essences and they filled the car with such a beautiful fragrance. It was heavenly cruising Route 78 smelling the roses and being so grateful for their gifts of beauty and fragrance. Ambika did me the honor of placing them near the altar.

Chanting on New Years Day all-ways brings about a deep cleansing for me. Sometime there are tears, more often is a feeling of joy. Yesterday was no exception. It was my first time to this particular temple and its energy is - for me - very peace-full. I felt a sense of homecoming after months of much inner turmoil. Adrienne and I danced during one of the Chalisas and I felt like a child again - so open and full of joy.

I liked it. REALLY liked it.

But out of that child-like joy came a deep sense of devotion to Spirit and all the creations that are here now....a great-full-ness for all that I and others have been through.

And there were many young children there - one of whom captured my heart. She's almost 2 years old and her parents kept a watchful eye on her.  There was something in her eyes - that sense of an old soul who has come into a young body - but this child is very comfortable in her skin. She also kept going into the small shrine dedicated to Durga - the source of the Divine Feminine in the Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). There were two small lights burning there and she went in there one time and I didn't see her mother nearby so I went in and just stayed with her and had my arm behind her to protect her in case she stumbled. Her mother ( a very sweet soul) came in not even a minute later but I was honored to have been able to offer protection to this little one. I felt like a vow had been kept...

Many friends were there - some are in the Kosmic Kirtan Posse (and you know who you are) and they have become so precious to precious. It was very healing to me to be able to come to chant and be able to give and receive such joy, such homecoming.

A burden has been lifted from me - one that I knew I was carrying and honestly didn't know how to unburden myself. The inner turmoil I was experiencing was causing me to become paralyzed in many aspects of my life. But that burden has been healed and for that healing, I am so great-full to Spirit for all that I have been through, all that I have learned, and all that has been left behind.

One of my friends was in tears before she left. She was apologizing to me for something she perceived that happened a year ago - but in my mind, I understood why things happened as they did. She carried a burden of pain ever since and it was a lesson for took courage for her to admit what she felt she had done, but even more important was the release that was effected so she could focus on other things. She has one less thing to deal with and for that easing of her burden, I am so happy for her.

The chanting was sublime. Nina, Shyama, Keshav, Jerry (first time I heard your singing voice and its beautiful...), Jeremy, Lily and Ambika (who, when she leads the chanting I keep seeing images of the ocean - gorgeous) all of you were and are beautiful. The words "thank you" don't even begin to express the gratitude I send to Spirit for your presences here. Thank you for your devotion, your gifts. Those gifts help so many people.

I left early - the lack of sleep for the last 3 weeks caught up to me as I relaxed and released....but as I was leaving, a gentle man wearing a beautiful hat came into the room and took his place before the altar and was accompanied by harmonium as he chanted the Chalisa.

For those who are devotees of Maharaj-ji and who chant with KD, the name KK Sah will have meaning; He is one of Maharaj-ji's long-term devotees. I have never met him, but to hear him chant, to feel his devotion....well this was the proverbial icing on the cake. I left there (regretfully) feeling so uplifted, even the traffic at the Holland Tunnel didn't bother me. The trip back was uneventful even if traffic was more dense than I had known in the past. But when I got home, my body totally gave out. Had I stayed for the full chant time, I don't know if I could have stayed awake enough to drive.

But all day yesterday and today, one word stands word repeats in my heart and mind and I pass it along to you as a prayer for what 2013 will bring to us...


The gentleness of joy when a friend sees you and LOVES seeing you there....the gentleness of a hug from a beloved soul....the gentleness in the eyes of a sweet child whose energy is so pure, so sweet, so loving....and the gentleness of the sound energy of chanting as the mantras heal one's heart and chattering mind....

And the gentleness of Joy knowing that you are home with your soul family.

May we all awaken to the global Soul Family and instill within ourselves and each other...


All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Kirtan on the Upper West Side

Posted on October 7, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Dear Hearts:  last  night was the annual kirtan at a sweet little church on the Upper West Side in NYC. If I had to choose one session to go to every year...this is it. Every year magic happens. There was only one time I missed attending this (but it was livestreamed so I got to see it...). The drive in was uneventful and the weather cooled down quickly (note to self:  next year, wear more layers...).

A wonderful vocal group named Prana opened the night. I had heard of them in 2007 and attended the kirtan/concert at the Bearville Theater in 2007 which was a beautiful night- they are led by a gentleman named Baird Hersey and they sing using overtone singing. Most of their work is a capella and Baird's voice is unlike anything I have heard (but I know my experience is very limited). But the tears came for me when KD joined them for "My Foolish Heart/Bhaje Govindam". This is one of my favorite chants that usually brings me to tears very quickly - but the quality of this was very emotional, very personal. The voices blended beautifully to make this chant an energy of healing, salvation and a coming home to that wounded heart.

There was a guest drummer last night - KD's grandson Bodhi. He is already showing a gift as a musician at age 2 (and by the Grace of Spirit, his soul has come to a family that can and will nurture that talent). KD commented that once Bodhi has a drum in front of him...he won't do anything else. If you want to see a video, here is one that was filmed last Sunday on the Bhajan Boat Cruise (I was there - at the time this was filmed, I was at the back of the room and couldn't see Bodhi with his drum):

Thanks to The Bhakti Beat for the how Bodhi studies Arjun Bruggeman who plays the tabla.

Bodhi was very well behaved onstage and Janaki, his mother, took excellent care of him. She is a very attentive, loving mother and in observing how she cared for Bodhi she reminded me of someone.


When Sam was about 18 months old, we went to a family wedding. I knew Sam was going to be a curious little one so I did let him explore during the reception.

I was 1 step behind him and could anticipate any potiential situations before they happened. I watched him like the proverbial hawk and after the reception, people came up to me with many compliments about how well he was cared for. Janaki did the same anticipating. As I was leaving the church last night, I stopped and introduced myself to Janaki and told her my story along with my compliments on how wonderful a mother she is. She is a lovely young woman. It is also very evident that there is a strong family and friend support structure in place. Bodhi will always know that he is loved and his emerging talent will be nurtured. I feel he is healing many hearts already.

KD and the band were in beautiful form last night - even when they did a new chant that they had never rehearsed yet. This particular chant did something to me - it helped me grow up in my approach to chanting by truly taking me into its sound energy. I let go of the groupie vibration and just let the sound I felt waves of bliss and I just rode it. I could have chanted this particular mantra for hours and KD made a similar comment once it was done. I didn't want this chant to end. Am crossing my fingers that KD puts this particular chant on a future CD so I can add it to my chant practice. (or if somebody filmed it for YouTube, I can add it to the chant practice list....I hope.)

I grew up last night. I had been perceiving a sea change in how I approached chant and with the spiritual work I've been doing recently, this may have had an impact on the chant practice. No matter how I look at it, there is a new depth to my chant practice and to my learning how to truly pray.

And for that education, I give thanks to KD, to those other beautiful souls who teach me...

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

Hi, Dad...Its been 5 years

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Hi, Dad! 

Five Years ago today you joined Mom in hevvin...and I know the two of you are so happy and that you and Ralph are continuing to play practical jokes on God/Goddess/Spirit. That gives me comfort.

Dad, its a strange time here on Earth. We seem to be at a crossroads now - and have been for a while. I look around me and see both the horrible nightmares of greed, corruption and destruction as well as the visions of compassion, love, nurturing, re-building.

It the latter I embrace but we have to collectively learn from the former - so that those horrors can be finally and eternally laid to rest.

Am I OK? I really don't know. Yes, I have my health and my inner peace sustains me as we navigate thru this crossroads. I also feel as if  my time here is coming to an end. Yes, I know we all will shed our bodies at some point - but there are places I desire to see before that happens - and I feel as if time is speeding up. When I look back on my life, I feel as if I didn't accomplish  much in the material way - but in the spiritual way, I have changed and for the better. There are people and animals who I have been able to work with who have enriched my life, opened my heart. There have been so many blessings and maybe that is why I chose to live this life - to overcome anger, bitterness, rage - and see the blessings that sustain not only in giving them...but receiving them.

I long to get back to a simpler life. Now that I retrieved my "possessions" out of storage, it felt like the weight of old pain came back. After the Vision Quest, it was difficult to come back to the mainstream world. The desire to go back to simplicity is strong - and there is much synchronicity happening to support that desire. I need the time both in solitude and in the world - and if I am to be with a partner at some point, he will understand the importance to me not only of the time for solitude but the importance of the connection with Animals and Nature.

Dad, the connection to the Animals and Nature Energies is strengthening - it has been for nearly 10 months now and shows no sign of letting up. I rejoice in it because I feel I am "home" when I connect with these energies.

Dad, there is a beautifuly ladyhorse who arrived in hevvin 8 days ago. She's a very special soul and although my heart grieves that she is no longer on Earth, I rejoice that she is pain-free and running with the wind. Her spirit came during Vision Quest and she was pouring out the love and it had me in tears as soon as I realized she was here. Dad, her human steward grieves deeply....can you ask God to send her a sign or some ease of heart? This human was and is devoted to her and is a very special person.

Dad, I know Nomi is with you as well. I miss her and Tara and all the cats I've known. But I now steward 2 wonderful cats who are such loving companions....and they each nurture a facet of  me. They bring joy to all who come here to meet them now. You can come visit them whenever you want...

Dad, I want to travel - there are many people who I want to see, many animals in need of healing work and many sacred sites that nurture visitors with their beauty and sanctity. We have so many blessed teachers, so many hidden yogis and yoginis who hold the light and keep the sacredness alive, and those everyday people who work to help others - more blessings.

But for now, I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you and Mom. I'm going to work on re-connecting with the Earth/Nature/Animal Energies that appeared during Vision Quest. I know the veil between where you are and where I am gets thinner by the day - and there will come the time when I'll see you again. Give Mom my love, give Nomi and Tara a hug from me and help God keep an eye on this world.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Vision Quest - August 2012

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Dear Hearts:

Its Labor Day and very rainy outside. Perfect for continuing to absorb the Vision Quest taken 3 days ago. I'm still very tired but filled with awe at what came through (stunned is probably a better adjective).

Friday was a very hot day here in Chester County....but thankfully, not horribly humid. I reserved the spot very early in the morning - it helps to have a dear friend who is a park ranger. She showed me the spot earlier last week and I fell in love with it. As soon as I reserved it, I blessed and greeted the trees - there were two concentric tree circles with INCREDIBLE energy.

Bodhi and Stella wanted to be with me but this time, I couldn't bring them. As it turned out, it was a wise decision. When I left I promised them I would be home as soon as the gates opened and be with them. I arrived at the site and spread out a beautiful blanket usually reserved for yoga. I took out all the crystals (except for not finding the two crystal skulls I have, all the crystals in my collection came with me).. They've been in storage for nearly 3 years and they needed the clear outdoor air and moonlight for purification.). I placed a picture of Buttercup on the altar and surrounded it with what I had inorder to do ceremony and ritual. I have not done ceremony for a long time and it felt wonderful to return.

The tent setup was so darn easy (haven't been camping in a LONG time, either) and it felt good - even with the adjacent sites occupied - to be in the woods. The trees traveled straight to the stars and covered us with their canopy of intertwining and lacy branches and limbs.

And it was quiet. Even the rare plane that was landing at a nearby airport didn't break the silence too badly.

As I went into the first ceremony, I heard Screech Owl - first in the distance and then, getting closer. I welcomed it and then went to get some sleep.

Screech Owl woke me with its second call and this time, I walked to a nearby field where I could see moonlight illuminating the ground and the trees. It was beautiful.

And then I looked up.

There was a moondog around the moon (just as a rainbow around the sun is a sundog, the moondog is the lunar equivalent.) and the phrase "moondog"kept repeating until I realized whose spirits were there.

Buttercup was one. I was reduced to tears of joy that I would be able to pass this along to Amanda.

But it was who was with her that had me lying on the ground, looking at the moon and stars, and be close to weeping.

Three years ago, I "met" a healer, Reiki Master/Healer, Shaman, Crystal Skull carver and caretaker online. We were part of a healing group using crystalline energies, nature and animal energies for very intense healing work. His name was Gary and that is all I will reveal as far as his identity.  He was gentle, wise, kind. We would each set up our individual altars and he had video meditations that would take us very deep and we would connect at levels that opened our hearts and brought us joy. His teachings were of traditions that are old by our earthly counting....but eternal in the wisdom, strength, love and compassion.

Gary shed his body over 2 years ago. For weeks I'd felt as if something was not right with him and I awaited to hear from our mutual friend whether she had heard from him. She had not.

We were all bereft when we heard of his passing....and it was afterward that the homeless times began for me and other members also faced challenges.

But I felt him on the overnight looking at the moon. He and Butter  found each other and they both are so happy.

I am being gifted with a healing tool. That is all I can say for now - if or when I get permission to discuss it, I will. I was not able to purchase it from Gary but it will be on the way to me shortly. What I will say is that there are many of these distributed to healers around the planet and their healing work is profound. I'm honored to be joining this group of healers and pray to use it for the highest good...

There is more wisdom that is going to come from that place, from those souls. I've spent the rest of the weekend just letting myself re-adjust to letting this part of my life back into my heart.

There is one more thing to put out to those reading this...I keep receiving insight that there is an Elder - I don't know what tradition this Elder follows - that needs or will need Healing and that I will be helping him/her. If anybody knows who this refers to, please let me know so I can begin to do what I have to do. Am sending the Intention to the Universe to bring me where I need to be.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

AT the Mazar: Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbird

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Dear Hearts: have been back from the Mazar (shrine) of Shaikh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen that is located very close by. It was only my second time there but I felt I had to go to a place of quiet, of reflection, of beauty, of peace and silence. I took my voice recorder, pen and paper and its a good thing I did.

I took off shoes, sat at one of the entrances to the meditation garden. The sun was high and hot - but oddly enough, the heat didn't bother me. The heat of the sun felt wonderful and as soon as I sat down, butterfies were everywhere. They fluttered with beauty and with their purpose and would come by me. They are companion souls to me and I always welcome them with joy in my heart. Just watching them go from flower to flower fills my heart with such joy at how they totally surrender to their purpose.

I recorded a few minutes on the tape recorder and got the surprise of my life when I played back the tape. On this tape were my word diaries from Spring 2010 when Gina took me in. These entries cover from late February through the early summer and on these entries are the accounts of Jaguar's previous appearance - so my timeline was wrong - it was 30 months ago when Jaguar Energy was with me, not 2 years ago. But on the tape is the verification of Jaguar leading my spirit to the temples at Tikal.

What else comes up on this tape are the projects I wanted to create.

And now I can.

And the Flower Essences are discussed at length on the tape - at least those in the White Rose Collection. I feel these are the ones that need to be resurrected ASAP. That's not according to the timeline I gave to the Holistic Business Coach....but these four Essences are the core of all the collections and so I will put the Intention out to bring them here.

As I listened to the tape in its entirety, another blessed surprise came....

in the form of Hummingbird.

I rarely see them so when I do, it is a treat and a deep message for me...and a joyous one at that.

I took my time walking toward the Mazar - there was no hurry and the hot summer air was redolent with the most beautiful flowery aromas that  just filled my heart. It was peace-full for me - no noise, no energies trying to crowd me and muddle my thinking. Being away from the noise of the outer world was therapy for me.

I am not familiar with many Islamic rituals but there is a peace at the shrine. I hope I approach it with reverence and do not cause any insult in my ignorance....I did bring Essences and was offering them during my time there. I hope that was enough.

There were two men inside the shrine talking quietly - but they left as soon as I walked in. It was quiet, cool, very beautiful. I began to circumnambulate clockwise (which is the direction I'm used to...however reading on Google, pilgrims go counter-clockwise at the Hajj. But I am not Islamic - and no insult was intended. It was simply what I was to do.) I quietly recorded and will play back the tape later. I stayed for a short time but did not want to take up too much time.

The other wonderful surprise came as I was driving to the Mazar.

The horses - the four at the nearby farm - were by the shady tree across from the Methodist Church.

So, of course, I had to stop and say hello. They are - or at least seem to be - getting accustomed to my presence. I know I can't feed them, but they are letting me rub noses, foreheads and necks. This is such a gift, such a blessing.

And now to do some more reading and listening to the tape. There are e-book concepts on that tape that I had totally forgotten about.

Life is so darn good.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

Jaguar Return

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Dear Ones: am celebrating two anniversaries this month. The first one is one of absolute joy in my life.

Bodhi came home with me August 13, 2011 at nearly 1 year old. He is so filled with joy and love that my heart sometimes bursts with the love that flows. He adjusted fairly quickly and once he came out from under the bed, he has grown and blossomed into one of the most beautiful kittehs - inside and out.

The second anniversary is 2 years this month (can't remember the exact date but it was August 2010). A friend sent me a beautiful picture of artwork featuring Jaguar. Around the same time, I had a vision - spontaneous - of Jaguar leading me to a pyramid structure that seemd to be in Central America. There are many sacred sites in that part of the world and I had concerns of finding the exact spot within a short amount of time.

Shows what an idiot I can be sometimes....Trust, Padme. Trust that the knowledge will come to you.

It didn't take me as long as I feared.  The site is Tikal and I know the exact temple Jaguar led me toward.

Over the next two years, there were forces - many of which are internally generated - that were suppressing those desires to connect to Knowledge, to Wisdom that is timeless and universal in the application. This Wisdom benefits All Life and that should be the focus of any healing.

Jaguar is strong protective energy for me. Its presence with my soul is potent, mystical, magical and comforting all at the same time. Jaguar has the mystery of the night, the moon reflecting on water as a means for me to go within to clear myself, to bring to the surface all that is buried in my cells, my DNA. I am being called to do ritual healing once more. I kept those articles safely stored during the homeless times and they are with me now and ready once I undergo a Vision Quest (as soon as I can arrange it).

I have been designing Spiritual Shields - I am not a shaman, but I am going to use these for my own spiritual strengthening. I am aware of many "holes" in my own energy field and now is the time to repair, sustain and strengthen them. I've been battered enough. Spirit willing I pray for the materials to bring them to physical appearance to be in a meditation/yoga/library room. Since connecting with Lynn V. Andrews, it feels as if my mind - the part containing this Knowledge - is being blown open. I can't hide it, I can't suppress it anymore and I have the feel that many people around me may pull away because I will no longer fit the mold of the outer mainstream world (in their eyes), I've worn too many masks, hurt too many people. Now I have to be me. I have to bring that mystical side of me outward instead of hanging onto it for dear life. It has to be a joyously fully integrated part of me.

Animals and Nature are part of this. A huge part (not a surprise, for which I am thankful). Healing Father/Mother Earth is a large part of the motivation, the impetus behind this. Gaia is screaming for help. We have to do what we can - even from the smallest action to the biggest event/demonstration - to help her heal. There are too many forces trying to pollute her, rape her, take from her without giving back, without repairing damage. Innocent animals and  plants/trees are dying in ever-increasing numbers.

This is going to be a part of my Journey. How it will manifest is the Will of Spirit - I am only a conduit.

And Jaguar will be with me as protection and teaching - along with Hawk (2 of them, actually), Horse (Yay!!!), Dog, Cat, Tiger, Lion, Oak, Holly, Pine. And more.

It wil be beautiful.

And I will finally be at peace.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Sunday Yoga in the Park/4 Horses Near Home

Posted on August 19, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Dearest Hearts:  Its been over 2 months since I blogged and have been choice. From leaving Corinne's to my short time at human massage school to the quiet time, much energy has been and is changing.

Today, however, was an awesome day at the park. I drive to a nearby park to practice Yoga outdoors. There is one area with concentric tree circles - very powerful areas - at least for me. Last Sunday and today, the energy of the practice was very grounding, very peace-full, very beautiful. Weather is a bit cooler today with many clouds in the sky...but the energy is one of more peace than I've felt in quite a while.  I'd hurt  my left foot last week and wanted to see if the foot could work with the poses - the healing is proceeding very nicely but am being care-full for the time being until the healing is complete.

Before setting up the mat, I had met a woman walking her 2 dogs - Benji and Pepsi. The woman is also named Lynn (for those who know me as Padme, my earthly name - and the one that the Post Office and bank use - is Lyn Gilbert. I prefer Tashi or Padme, personally...) and we had a wonderful conversation. She is involved in a county-wide network of animal rescue/welfare. Meeting on Sundays may become a regular occurance which is wonderful. As soon as I saw the dogs, I immediately sat down with eyes averted....and it paid off. Toward the end of the first conversation, Benji actually gave me a kiss on the nose and Lynn's jaw dropped...

During the first conversation, I got a HUGE surprise. I don't know if you remembered an earlier blog post about meeting a horse named Max at the park on a Sunday about a year ago. Well....Max, the adult human steward, a second horse and the woman's daugher Caitlynn (am not sure about the spelling, I apologize if I'm spelling it incorrectly) came toward us and we reconnected. Max was much friendlier this time and it was clear he adores Caitlynn. Caitlynn - all she did was beam for joy when I commented that she was riding her best friend. She glowed with the love she has for Max and Max was stock still even with the dogs nearby.

It was heaven to be around horses even for a short time.

As I was taking a break from the yoga practice, Lynn walked by and we chatted again. By this time the tree circles were working their magic on me and I was feeling so peace-full, centered, relaxed. This time, Pepsi gave me the kiss on the nose and again, Lynn's jaw dropped. This is the joy of the animal energy healing and I am honored that both dogs felt safe with me.

As I drove home, there was one more gift to be bestowed....and I'm loving this one. In the pasture across from a nearby Methodist Church, there were four horses. I had Introduced myself to two of them a few days ago, today there were four!!!!! I parked the car in the church lot and walked over to them.  Again I only wanted to intdrouce myself and not asking anything of them - just to say hello and to tell them how gorgeous they are and that I treasure the time with them. Three of them were curious, the fourth was grazing, thank you very much (and food trumps my presence any I was there for a few minutes, but that was such a blessing. Such a blessing.

Earlier last week while on Facebook, I connected with an author I'd known of for years,had read some of her books - but at the time I felt I wasn't absorbing the wisdom she wrote about. Now I am. Her name is Lynn V. Andrews and she has been with indigenous healers - most, if not all of them, women. The knowledge that is shared (at least what she is free to share - there are some things that are not to be revealed at this time) is what I had prayed to receive - to strengthen the Divine Feminine within me. I know I have many holes in my personal energy fields and that has deeply affected the events of the last few years. I'm already feeling stronger, more grounded, but I have a lot of work to do. I purchased 9 of her books today (thank heavens for the used books on Amazon/Barnes&Noble) and had checked out whatever was in the local library. "Shakkai" is resonating with me and that is the basis for the next phase of my path. This is also part and parce of the website revamping....I have a huge dream and am going forward with it just to see where it takes me with the Animal Healing...

But all in all, its been a lovely day.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Hi, Dad! Happy Father's Day - I Love You!!!

Posted on June 17, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Dear Ones:

A Blessed Father's Day to those men who grace our lives with their strength, wisdom, teaching, caring. You are so important to your children as they are important to you. Treasure each other, love each other, nurture each other, teach each other.

Hi, Dad...Happy Father's Day wherever you are. I usually don't feel you as much as I feel Mom but today...I do. We would celebrate your birth-day and Father's Day together because the dates are only days you get to be honored twice in a week. Cool.

But today I feel you very strongly and I am in tears. I don't know why I miss you today so much....but you know how hard the last few years have been. There were times when I would be in despair and times when I felt as if the outer world was closing in on me and suffocating me. You know how much I value personal freedom and how much I do not like being controlled - especially by men who think women are subservient creatures.

Dad, I think I'm finally starting to grow up. I took a step last week that has changed my entire outlook and because of that new perception, such goodness is starting to flow. The final inspiration was observing the lives of my roommate and our neighbor.  Both women re-invented themselves and I decided that if they can do it, so can I. Its a matter of obtaining information for what one wants and then going after it. In my case, what happened is the one thing that can help me bring all my projects, dreams and desires together to structure the life I want - not what other people want me to do.

I'm starting Massage School on July 9th. I'm so excited about this and it was thru an e-mail sent to me that all this started. The school is top-rate, the faculty and administrative people are so supportive....and to a person, they can relate to where I come from with the animal healing work that I intend to develop. But I will get solid training both in Massage Therapy and in setting up a business. So these along with the holistic business coach I'm working with is going will give me the tools I need to do this right the first time.

I feel you had a hand in this. I feel you want me to be happy and to have the freedom to make my choices instead of having them made for me. I can't work in an office environment anymore - I don't have the stomach for "fast-paced" environments where competition is the norm. My age - at least in mainstream society- is now a detriment to being hired in a mainstream environment. I need to be of service, not competition. I need to be able to provide people with healing tools for their individual healing journeys and then THEY can help others...and also re-connect with Gaia and all the beautiful life that is here...

So I'll do what I have wanted to do for years and be around support instead of the opposite.

So thank you for this gift, Dad. I know it came from you and it is so wonderful. My entire outlook has changed. I had to nurture the compassion first and then I'll obtain the skills needed to do what I want to do.

And I also know you and Ralph are continuing to play practical jokes on Spirit....that makes hevvin a fun place.

Dad, I love you.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

The Blessings of a Sufi Saint

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Dear Ones:  Nine days ago, I was gifted with the opportunity to visit a Sufi shrine. Its not even 15 miles away, nestled quietly within the verdant land in this part of PA. Another healer took my neighbor and me there to explore the energies of the Meditation Garden that resides to the side of the shrine.

It is called The Mazar of Shaikh Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

In its simplicity of structure, the Mazar is beautiful. Simply beautiful. The energy of the Shaikh emanates outward in a flow of peace, of love, of healing. The woman who designed the Meditation Garden is named Sally and I had the blessing of meeting her there. Sally's eyes are peace-full, loving, very open and giving. Much like Sharon Salzberg's eyes. There is that calm abiding, that inner peace that is strong in the gentleness.

The garden is beautiful, fragrant, calming and very healing. The four of us began to explore the energy lines. We could see some of them, feel others that were there. They were not in a logical grid-like pattern. There were differing flows, different paths the lines took. The woman who took us there was taking notes as we explored....and we were in sync for most of the exploration.

We all experienced a healing on all levels. All levels - even down to the subatomic level. We all buzzed, we flowed, we let the energy go where it needed to go. It was a complete surrender to the energies and emanations both from the garden and the Shrine.

I confess to not having studied Islam. Part of me viewed it as a harsh religion but the Sufis have a grasp of the mystical that tells me I may have been too hasty in that judgement. Again, I am seeking common principles, common ground, common concepts that so many spiritual expressions share - Universal Love, Compassion, Service to Others, embracing and celebrating all faiths....that is what I seek.

As we walked the garden and continued to explore the healing energies, I found we had visitors from the Insect Kindred.

Bees. Many of them, Simply pollinating. Simply doing what they are here to do - to continue to pollinate and continue the growth cycles and help the plant life survive. They were simply beautiful to watch, to observe and to perceive their wisdom.

Inside the shrine was a peace and beauty that I have only encountered one other place (for now).

Yogaville. In Swami's Shrine.

That same force of Love, of Wisdom, of Peace that we all seek...those emanations that flow outward with all the Love in the Universe. I fought tears at Yogaville (failed miserably) in 2007, was able to be composed at the Mazar. Looking upward at the inner dome with the gentle green and pink reminded me of the lotus flower serenely floating in a pond following the sun. All we could do is whisper - if even that. It was more a time of quietness - absolute quietness and respect for the devotion and the joy of the energies permeating even the air that is inhaled.

Even today - nine days later - that peace and serenity are with me.

And I desire to go back and not only be healed but to offer respect and gratitude for the life and teachings of this Sufi Saint.

I would like to thank Michelle, Deb and Sally for that day. It is etched upon my heart and soul as a gift to be treasured.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)