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The Greatest Teachers

Posted on June 9, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Dear Ones:

This has been an emotional week. To be honest, I await the last day I work for Corinne. I feel I've done all I can do there - but this past week brought me and one of the customers in the presence of a little animal teacher who gave so much love in his short time here.

His name was Cuddles. His human steward is a lovely woman who rescues cats that roam on her property. Cuddles was brought in this past Monday with upper respiratory issues. My day was made when one of the vet techs brought him out all wrapped up in a towel and asked the magic question:

"Do you want to hold him?"

No need to ask me twice. I spent 6 hours with him. Six amazing hours in the presence of a huge soul in a tiny body. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. Couldn't have been more than 4 weeks old at best. He was resting while all wrapped up but there were a couple of instances when I let him walk on the counter during the quiet times (when surgeries are being done, the lobby is quiet...the ideal time to bond with a little kitten).

Those blue eyes...could look right into one's heart (if one lets it happen - and I did his human steward). There was pure love, pure acceptance, pure giving and receiving. It was a beautiful flow and it was heaven for me. It is these times - as intense as they are- when the simple lessons of Love are given and received....and the time with Cuddles was no exception.

It was hectic the rest of the week so I didn't find out what happened until yesterday.

Cuddles shed his body about 30 minutes after I left.

Many times people ask me if I know when their animal companions are going to die.

Not always. Sometimes I know, more often than not, I don't. It is the animal's decision to tell me or to allow me to feel the frequency of transition (and, for me, there is a specific energy I get. It is a lightness of the spirit that the body can no longer hold. But I don't all-ways feel it.). I won't indulge in saying yes or no because I can't be Spirit/God. I can't give in to that because of past observations of people who turned out to have been wrong and caused an innocent client incredible anguish with their mistaken insights. I won't do that.

I can't.

But Cuddles just gave...and received.

And that is the lesson.

His human steward and I cried together...she "got it"....completely and eternally. She is a lovely woman who is donating to Corinne (apparently she is wealthy and from what I can tell, is putting her wealth to good use helping the animals any way she can.).

But I kept saying the following over and over to her:

"Sometimes the most profound lessons we need to learn...come from the tiniest beings."

Dear Cuddles, am praying you Home with the deepest gratitude for those 6 hours. If you choose to come back to your steward, please do and ease her heart with those amazing blue eyes.

Thank you, little one. Thank you for helping both of us.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

A Luminous Evening

Posted on May 26, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Dear Ones:

Last night I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Will Tuttle and his luminous wife Madeleine. They truly are soulmates and they are so sweet to observe how they love and cherish each other.

Will gave a talk on the World Peace Diet and Madeleine showed some of her beautiful art. One picture brought me to tears with the shining light of the animal.

I am currently taking Dr. Tuttle's training to be a Facilitator for the World Peace Diet. I intend to start a study group of like-minded souls who truly desire to navigate from this current paradigm to a world of compassion, of kindness. This will also be a support group because we need to help each other so we can help the animals. I should be ready to form the group by late July/early August (whether I'm employed or not. If I end up being homeless again, so be it.).

I did tell Will about Stella's declawing...and he nearly wept.

They both "get it". Totally and absolutely.

These are two people I am honored to have met. Many Thanks to Al for his awesome smoothie cafe in Lansdale, PA - Al's Way. Awesome place. It was the funniest thing...there were 2-3 people there who looked at me and said the same thing: "You look so familiar"...and I had never been there until last night. I know I have been seen as far away as Australia so the possibility that many of us bi-locate without consciously knowing has to be considered. But this little smoothie cafe/health food store has a vibrant vegan community of gentle souls who are awakening and practicing Compassion both for All Life...and for themselves.

They gave me hope...


It is later Saturday morning and am still giving thoughts to last night. It was a simple evening, a gentle evening, an evening of sharing the concept of opening the heart to our innate Compassion. It was a joy for me to find more people who "get it" about the animals. A few people asked me about the animal healing work, one woman point blank asked if I was a medium and I had to answer no. The Animals don't always "speak" to me. I wouldn't want to give false hope to anybody but when they do, I say whatever flows to me whether I'm right or not. Usually the Animals will send "seeds" of ideas that are meant to be given to the human to be nutured and cultivated to grow into a beautiful gift.

But to Lisa, Desiree, Al, Will, Madeleine and all who attended last night, it was such an honor to be in such sweet, gentle company.

And on top of that...the Buddhsit Meditation Center near me is going to celebrate Saka Dawa on June 4th and I will be at the evening ceremonies. Rinpoche sent out a notification about the magnification of merit acculumated at this time and I dedicate what merit I accumulate that day for the benefit of all sentient beings.

And its 3 weeks till I chant with KD in DC after BuddhaFest. How I wish I could go for the entire day...but I will be seeing him, Sharon and Tsoknyi Rinpoche and that will be so wonderful.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Hi, Mom...Happy Mother's Day 2012

Posted on May 13, 2012 at 6:50 AM

Hi, Mom....

You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I feel you close by. Tell Dad I love him. Today as we celebrate Mothers and their beautiful energies and gifts, I wanted to write to you.

Things have changed since last year. Nomi is with you (and I feel her with you as well...). I have been gifted with stewarding two beautiful cats.  Bodhi - is beautiful. Simply beautiful. He is a gray longhair with the exuberance and innocence of a child. He loves to be held, loves to go into such a blissful state...and he hugs. He will be 2 in August and he is such a treasure. He is the joyful expression of Love.

Stella Maris (Devi) has come from a background of being tormented and cruel betrayal. She was a barn cat (as I have recently found out) and I met her at the vet where I work. I was drawn to her from the beginning but would not adopt her out of respect to Nomi - and it wasn't time until very recently. There were people in the office - both staff and clients - who would torment her and then laugh when she tried to defend herself. Two months ago, she was declawed in all her paws and I view that as an act of rage from the vet. She withdrew from everybody at the offce and yet would smile (literally...) when I would stop and give her some attention. She and Bodhi are continuing to adjust to each other...but Mom, today was a breakthrough. Today she WANTED to play with Bodhi. She is relaxing more and more each day and I see her healing gifts just ready to emerge.I look in her eyes and I see such strength of will tempered with such love and I know she has so much to give.

Bodhi is the joy, Stella (Devi) is the depth. Those are the healing gifts they want to bring and I am searching for a way to bring them to help people. Mom, am asking and praying for some help.

I am living in a lovely place now. Its quiet and off the beaten path. It gives me the space to work on developing the program I desire to bring to the world. Instead of jumping all over the place, I'm taking this one step at a time and working with a holistic business coach. There is also a neighbor who pet sits and I am - for the first time in over a year - going to see an amazingly beautiful horse next weekend. I have been away from the horses for far too long and my heart is aching to be near them again.

Mom, the yoga and chant community has been one of many groups that have been so kind to me since last year. All these generous people have shown me compassion when I needed it. So now it is part of my mission to give it back. You know I was able to be at Kalachakra 2011 - just being able to see His Holiness - both the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa - was such a blessing. This was a powerful energy dedicated to World Peace. The next time it is conferred, I will be there for all 10 days whether as a volunteer or particpant. I also took Refuge Vows last August (during a hurricane, no less. Seems to be a metaphor for how life is - one takes the Vows and then goes back into the storm of life.). My life continues to change...

The healng work - this is now becoming the primary focus of my life. I see too much pain that people are suffering. I see the animals around them trying to ease the pain, to bring relief, to bring peace but many people just are not listening or are not able to listen. I can't sit by and do nothing. So I'm accelerating what I want to do. I'm going to talk to my Reiki teacher about starting a Healing Academy much like she has. My offerings would be a little different than what she has, but it would be a start.

Mom, I'm asking for prayers and help for all life. There is so much suffering happening - and the Mother Earth/Gaia is hurting. I know she can regenerate Herself but She needs our help, our desire to see Her Healed and Whole. Help us to end the damage we are causing not only to Her but to Ourselves.

I know the souls that have transitioned - animal as well as human - are so close by to us, trying to help us. The animals have been coming thru to me more clearly for the last 6 months and I know they only send out loving, healing energies. This is also part of what I intend to convey - that Love, that Connection and I - and other Healers - can provide tools for people to help themselves heal and be whole and connected to All Life.

Mom, I know you and Dad are so happy to be together, forever. That brings such peace to my heart. I love you so much and miss your calm voice giving such wisdom, such peace.

And that is what I wish for All Life - Peace of Heart, Loving Hearts.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

The World Peace Diet

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Dear Ones:

Its a quiet Sunday morning, am working on finishing a book that I never knew about until a few short weeks ago. Its by Will Tuttle, Ph.D. and it is titled "The World Peace Diet".

It is not an easy book to read. It tears away any and all objections to going vegan. He writes about the incredible cruelty shown to animals. From the time with the FOB's, we were made aware of the atrocities committed on such noble, loving animals. Dr. Tuttle takes this one step further and exposes the horrific conditions our animals endure so we can consume their flesh.

Every person on the planet should read this book. It will strip away many "comfortable" reasons for eating meat and make the reader very uncomfortable.

This coming Friday I will begin the Facilitator and Mastery Courses offered by Dr. Tuttle. I feel this is important enough for me to add to my emerging repertoire of offerings that will be public in a few short months. I'm navigating this to find out how I intend to approach any public seminars I plan to offer since I desire to awaken people to their innate compassion and connection to All Life. Ramming examples of cruelty down their throats is not going to help their awakening. Many who will come to these talks are gentle souls and it is that gentleness that I desire to see emerge from their hearts. Intense exposure to cruelty is not going to cut it for these souls. The revolution is going to be one of Kindness,  Compassion, Right Action, Nurturing and Connection.

I have 3 more chapters to read in the book and I feel as if I have walked a gauntlet of our past history of cruelty, domination and exclusion in less than 10 days. I am not a political person in the mainstream sense. I am a Healer and I - and countless others - have been blessed with a very intense and personal connection to Animal/Nature Energies. These Energies have become - for me - more and more intense; the teachings and wisdom are starting to pour through in a torrent of love, connection and peace of heart.

But I had to read this book.

In many ways, I have Barbaro to thank for being one of the first beacons to shine thru to my soul and the souls of those who are known as the FOB's and countless other animal advocates. He has been such a teacher, a messenger not only for me and for that strength of Soul, I bless Spirit for blessing us with  Barbaro and the Animal/Nature Energies.

I do recommend the book. Dr. Tuttle is touring  the East Coast next month and I intend to meet him either in New Jersey or NYC. This is something I have to do...

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

Happy Birthday, Barbaro

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Dear Ones: for a very special group of people, today - April 29th - is a very special day.

Nearly 6 years ago, a racehorse named Barbaro suffered a catastrophic injury at the 2006 Preakness. Millions watched in horror as his right rear leg was shattered.

I was one of those weeping and screaming....until I saw something that totally changed my viewpoint.

Let me backtrack to when Barbaro broke out of the starting gate early. The announcer was saying what a bad thing it was.

I felt the injury coming in at that point. Those words brought in the injury that was only minutes away from happening. I used language that no lady would use as I yelled at the tv because it focused on him like a well-focused laser. I couldn't stop it....nobody could.

But at the time, I didn't know one thing. I don't know if this is all-ways true but I put it out there for consideration whether I'm right or wrong...

Barbaro knew what was coming and he knew this path would be life-changing not only for him but for the hundreds (possibly thousands) of souls now and all-ways to be known as the Fans of Barbaro.

The FOB's.

He was willing to endure the pain, the hope, the sadness in order to bring souls together to help the animals, to help the humans, to connect at deep levels. Each human soul brought their own talents, gifts and love.

We met on a website that is now People from all walks of life joined - the healers, the rescues, the weatlhy, the not-so-wealthy, the everyday person, the people of power.

That is a gift of unification, of being able to connect souls for a common purpose.

When Edgar Prado brought Barbaro to a stop on the racetrack and the other horses raced by him, I noticed one thing that totally confounded me for a few seconds...

He calmed down. He trusted. He held the injured right hind so no further damage could happen.

That showed an intelligence I had not encountered before since I was just beginning the Journey of Animal Healing and was unaware of the strength of will that an animal could exert...

He knew what to do and he knew he was surrounded by people he could trust to help him...

And my hands began to vibrate as a small voice in my heart told me: "Turn your hands toward Baltimore".


"Why?" was my reply thru the tears...

"You'll see".

So I did.

Two weeks later, I found the FOB's...

and now, so many years on, we are all-ways united in love, in passion and compassion...

All because of the strength of Barbaro....all because of the love to and from Barbaro.

B, I know you are still with us as so many of us know.  I could feel your shining, loving soul when I would drive to New Bolton. You showed strength during suffering, grace during despair and the courage to shed your body on 1/29/07. Many of us feel you even now - especially now - and it is a comfort. Please help those who are in the depths of despair find hope and the courage to keep those who are suffering, please help those animal welfare warriors who are on the front lines to end animal cruelty once and for all and help the healers who will clean up the mess.

Happy Birthday, Barbaro.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea

The World's Youngest Political Prisoner

Posted on April 24, 2012 at 6:10 PM

Dear Ones:

It is the birthday of the young man known to the world as the 11th Panchen Lama. His name is Gedhun Choekyi Nyima and he was born April 25, 1989. Due to the conflict between Tibet and China, it was hoped that the new Panchen Lama would be someone acceptable to both nations. The head of the Panchen Lama search committee, Chadrel Rinpoche had kept in contact with His Holiness, the XIV Dalai Lama to keep him apprised of the search. The Dalai Lama confirmed  Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the 11th Panchen Lama using the Tibetan ways of identifying the candidate: dreams and omens as perceived by high lamas and having the child identify possessions of the previous Panchen Lama.

China used what is called the Golden Urn  (a process used in the late 18th Century) to choose their own Panchen Lama – thereby attempting to influence the selection of the next Dalai Lama and exert more control over Tibet.The names and birthdates of the various candidates were written in Manchu, Han,- and Tibetan  and are put into a golden urn. After prayers to Buddha, the name of the reincarnation is drawn. It is known that Gedhun Choekyi Nyima's name was not included in the Golden Urn selection process.

At the time of his selection, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima was 6 years old. Shortly after his selection by the Dalai Lama, the child was "taken" by China supporters and has not been seen despite numerous appeals from many human rights organizations worldwide for information or to meet with him. China periodically releases “information” saying he is well and is studying various aspects of Chinese culture.

He has been classified as the world’s youngest political prisoner.

After the selection of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the 11th Panchen Lama by the Dalai Lama, Chadrel Rinpoche was arrested by the Chinese and charged with treason. I do not know if he is still alive.

After the abduction, China “revealed” their 11th Panchen Lama, Gyancain Norbu. When the time comes, he will be touted as the head of the search committee for the next Dalai Lama. I know nothing of this young man and I pray he will step aside and permit the legitimate Panchen Lama to assume his rightful role in Tibetan culture and spirituality.

I pray for the day when Gedhun Choekyi Nyima can be released. I pray for the day when Tibet is free and it’s displaced people can go to their homes. Maybe in my lifetime, maybe not. But that is my prayer, that is my wish.

This situation is another example where politics is attempting to control the spiritual beliefs of a nation which has a long and rich spiritual history. The Chinese government has no legal grounds to be in Tibet. They are not wanted in Tibet– not the way things are now. In their attempts to destroy the Tibetan society, culture and spirituality, they are only creating dissent, resentment and desperation to the point where innocent people see no other way to bring awareness to the situation than to self-immolate.

That is a horror that is nearly unbearable to face. It is not only happening in Tibet, there are countless indigenous peoples around the world who are threatened by those who wish to destroy their way of life, their connection to their lands and nature.

For today, this is a day to remember Gedhun Choekyi Nyima…

The youngest political prisoner….

And to pray for the day when he is free to rejoin his people as the 11th Panchen Lama.

May All Beings Be Happy.

May All Beings Be Healthy

May All Beings Be Safe and At Peace.

May All Beings Have…Ease of Heart


This is my lovingkindness meditation that I practice every morning. May any merit generated by this practice be dedicated to His Holiness,the XIV Dalai Lama, His Holiness the 11th Panchen Lama (Gedhun Choekyi Nyima), His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, and for the benefit of all beings –may we all attain enlightenment and help all attain enlightenment.

All Love,

Padme A’Tea (Tashi Drolma)


Turquoise Red

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Dear Ones:

Still catching up on things - it seems as if people around me are staging events and stressing out over them. My roommate is having a birthday dinner party on the 21st with many family and friends attending. I know Stella is going to want to stay in the bedroom, Bodhi may want to be out and about - am not sure, but he will have the option of staying in the bedroom.

On the 28th, Corinne is having a "red carpet" formal cocktail party to celebrate so many successful adoptions/rescues. I already have my long dress (Target, of all places. Not natural fabric but the price was more than right.). Since I am not a formal person as far as events like this go (and I don't drink alcohol in any way, shape or form), this is going to be interesting simply to mingle with clients in a social environment.

But there is a small thing - a small change - that I integrated starting with the Tibetan Home for Hope Benefit back on March 8th. I all-ways wear the Turquoise Shawl to kirtan. But I wanted to find a small way to show solidarity for the Tibetans...

and I finally found it.

I now have a red prayer shawl and I wear it with Turquoise. They drape beautifully. While at Kripalu, someone made the comment that the red shawl was to show support for KD.

Actually, no - not primarily. In this case, showing solidarity for Tibet means as much to me as the inner work of Kirtan does.

But it does look beautiful to me...

so now, it is the Turquoise Red Shawl. As soon as I get a decent photograph, I will post it.

The red of fire - the fire of the prayer for Tibet to be free is complemented by the Peace of Turquoise...

and it is beautiful.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

Post-Kripalu 2012

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Dear Ones:

I am STILL integrating the beautiful energies from the Krishna Das/Sharon Salzberg retreat at Kripalu this past weekend. It was heavenly to simply tune into the joys of chant and the silence of meditation. I needed this to a point where I realize how noisy the outer world truly is...and how numbing it can be.

The retreatants were such beautiful souls. I met many new people (always fun for me) and reconnected with some dear ones (most from the Brooklyn Yoga School). One, in particular is someone who I've wanted to get to know for about a year. She is - in my humble opinion - a strong healing force and I told her I feel she has something to teach me - something I am to learn that will deepen my healing gift. Her husband plays bansuri flute for KD. Both are dear, sweet souls.

On Saturday morning, after Sharon's teaching,there was about 45 minutes of chanting the Hanuman Chalisa - a 40-verse prayer to Hanuman. The chant leaders were Nina Rao, Ambika Cooper, Shyama Chapin and Archit Dave (KD's sound man who has one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard.). Thank you all for leading us in prayer and connecting to such deep joy and peace.

I'm noticing an interesting phenomenon happening to me.

I'm seeing sound.

Its gorgeous. Very sumptuous images that come into my mind and some of the images bring me to tears.

And I shed many tears just from the beauty of the music. Sunday morning, Sunder Das (bansuri flute player) and David Nichtern (guitar player) gave us an impromptu serenade of some beautiful, quiet, gorgeous music. It was the perfect means to come to a rest-full place before the final morning of meditation/chanting. The most tears were shed during "OM Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha" (the mantra to Tara). All I can do is weep from the joy, the compassion, the lovingkindness and the sheer beauty of the mantra and in loving rememberance of Tara the cat who graced my life for 9 years. Any merit generated from this practice is dedicated to the benefit of all beings, all life and to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama (long may he live and teach).

Sharon Salzberg went over the basics of meditation with what is probably one of the most important concepts - starting over again (and not giving up if the meditating isn't consistent). I needed to hear it and never tire of hearing the basics.

Krishna Das was...Krishna Das. He took us to heights of bliss and depths of introspection where we could release such deep hurts, deep pain, deep sadness and just tune into the bliss.

It was difficult to transition back to the outer world. I fell in love with Lenox, Mass. (Tanglewood is just down the road from Kripalu) and of course, the beloved Berkshires sang to me. This time, there was no wrenching pain of separation from the mountains - just a loving "until we meet again" - and it won't be long until that happens.

So much gratitude and love to all who were at Kripalu this past weekend.

and I got a real treat in the lunch line on Sunday. I met a yoga teacher who I'd "practiced" with on a TV show called "Yoga Zone" a few years ago. She and her husband were teaching Partners Yoga over the weekend. Her name is Lisa Bennett Matkin and her husband is Charles Matkin. She is a lovely, beautiful soul and it was an honor to meet if I ever am graced with a partner, we're going to practice with them. Count on it.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

Tibetan Home for Hope

Posted on March 19, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Dear Ones: I had no idea how fast the time was moving since my last blog post. Things at work are getting hectic, many emotions are flying right now. People are becoming overwhelmed with the energies that are literally being blasted at them. It is taking so much for healers such as myself to keep things stable when it seems that so much is falling down around us.

Yet, it can be done. This is the awakening, this is the restructuring that has to take place.

But now, I will discuss something that brought such a smile to my face...the last White Rose Journey of March 8th to Irvington, NY for the Tibetan Home for Hope charity benefit. Krishna Das led kirtan.

The band was on FIRE!!! I saw Arjun at one point and he was in a zone - gaze was in the "distance' but he was totally in tune with the chanting, with KD, with Maharaj-ji. David Nichtern was beautiful on guitar and the rest of the band (bass player and drummer - but I can't remember their completed the mandala.

The White Rose Journey was in Irvington. I had never been there before and it is a charming town right on the Hudson River. Crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge was a treat because I could see all the beautiful riverside homes (and some of them are gorgeous). Driving from the bridge to Irvington provided me with the view of more beautiful homes on gorgeous land. I would like to spend a weekend there just exploring and seeing what is there.

The Roses were left around the theater with four of them to go inside. I knew where 3 of them were to go, the 4th was (at that time) a mystery. The theater and Irvington were blessed with the energies of the White Roses and it was a joy to be able to Journey once more. KD was to receive one - as always. He has been such a profound inspiration to me for nearly 6 years now. I give back as I can.

I met Shep and Bonnie Ringer who are very active in Tibetan Home for Hope. They are beautiful souls and it was an honor to meet them. I was introduced to Tashi Dolma who is one of the directors and she is simply...lovely.

Shep and Bonnie each received a White Rose.

As soon as they introduced me to Tashi Dolma, one of the directors of Tibetan Home for Hope, I knew where the fourth Rose was to go and it was presented to her in gratitude for all she does for the Tibetan Children.

As all-ways, the Roses were not only infused with the highest healing energies, but they also were infused with all...and I mean ALL...of the Essences that I have here. (Note: the only two that need to be birthed are White Hyacinth and Hemp.).

I briefly saw KD before the show - had been upset about Stella's situation (she was declawed on March 4th. She was in agony and I could feel it.) so was a bit distracted when KD saw me (and I do apologize). But it was a joy to see him smile.

There were some prints for sale and one immediately jumped into my heart. I did purchase it and I don't know the name of it nor can I remember the name of the artist...but this print started to "speak" to me - it has a story that needs to be told and I am going to surrender to these energies and start to write again.

Kirtan was...magical. The mantras took away my sadness and replaced it with joy, with bliss...

and with hope. As grave as the situation in Tibet is, as much agony as Stella was suffering at that time, Hope crept into my heart and has stayed there.

And from Hope comes Right Action.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)

When There Is No Cherishing

Posted on February 23, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Dear Ones:

I confess to being a little sad today over something that happened last night. Since I'm now working for Corinne I probably can't go into detail about clients. But it triggered something and that is what I will write about.

Imagine you are in a room at some sort of gathering - a party, a family reunion...something where one would think it would be a time of joy. You notice two couples and you note startling differences between how they interact.

One couple seems to exude love and caring. The expression in their eyes, the quiet devotion in how they speak to each other...the small gestures that show they truly care for each other - that they accept each other as they are and see each other as loving beings. Maybe its the gentle brush of a hand as the woman straightens the shirt collar of the man. Maybe its how the man ensures that the woman has all she needs - maybe a cool drink or some food...or even introducing her to other people so she is not alone. Those small gestures.

The second couple could not be more distant from each other. Their eyes rarely meet and when they do...the expression is closed, barriers are up. They don't want to even touch each other. The smiles are forced, there are no small (or even large) gestures that show any degree of intimacy.


Maybe instead of two couples, you may know two people who own horses. One is a breeder - who only views a horse as being useful as long as she can be bred and give birth to foals year after year - and when her usefulness is over, she is sent to slaughter where she dies in fear and in agony.

The second horse owner treats her horse as a treasured family member. She is fed, groomed, exercised, lovingly cared for. Maybe the human gives riding lessons or has the horse as part of a therapy riding program. The horse knows it is loved and when the time will be humanely euthanized surrounded by loving people who cherish her.


It has always saddened me to see people who do not cherish each other or those around them. I, too, have taken people for granted and in the long run, I've been the one who has lost something very precious. I see people around me treat their parents, spouses, children, animals - even this beautiful Mother Earth as if they are a burden - a commodity to the thrown aside when its usefulness is ended.

And yet, there are those who are passionate about everything around them. There is a light in their eyes as they go through their day. Maybe they are animal welfare activists who are rescuing animals in need. Maybe they are environmental activists who will get in harm's way to save trees or keep our waters clean. Maybe they are lovers who practice yoga to open their hearts as they care for their bodies and find a level of intimacy they never dreamed existed. Maybe they are small children who are nestled on their parents lap as stories are read to them on a quiet night as fireflies dance outside their windows. They know they are loved; they know they are cherished; they know they are never alone.

My point is not to is so you can observe, to discern and to see if there are any beings who need to know you love and care for them. They have the fear that you will walk away and abandon them... and if that abandonment happens, it is your heart that closes down and you become a little tougher, a little less able to give and receive love.

And that is the tragedy. It is that loss of cherishing in some way, shape or form that is the root cause of so much pain in this world...

and yet is a pain that can be transformed and healed...

if we just take that first step...

and cherish - ourselves and each other.

Please send prayers for Snowball. She has inspired this post and I pray for her safety and survival because I am helpless to do any more at this time.

All Love,

Padme A'Tea (Tashi Drolma)